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'With antifreeze, bitter is better,' says new blog

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There is a substance common to every tire dealership's service area that can literally kill if ingested. That substance is antifreeze and its effects can be devastating.

MTD Managing Editor Lori Mavrigian discusses what can be done to mitigate the dangers of antifreeze in the latest installment of her blog, Lori's Listening, on

"Now is the time to get behind H.R. 615 -- the Antifreeze Bittering Act of 2009," she writes.

"H.R. 615 was introduced in the House of Congress on Jan. 21, 2009. It calls for any engine coolant or antifreeze that contains more than 10% ethylene glycol to 'include denatonium benzoate at a minimum of 30 parts per million and a maximum of 50 parts per million as a bittering agent within the product so as to render it unpalatable.'"

For more information about the bill, which now has 17 sponsors, see "With antifreeze, bitter is better" on Lori's Listening!

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