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Parker Hannifin creates nitrogen program

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Parker Hannifin Corp. has created a personalized Web marketing program to use in combination with its Tire$aver nitrogen tire filling service aimed at improving customer loyalty. 

When a customer has his tires filled with nitrogen, a protection plan registration is used to capture pertinent contact information. With this informaiton, the dealer can send out e-newsletters and coupons and pursue his own marketing campaigns, the company explains.

An easy-to-use “Dealership Dashboard” allows dealers to tailor the program to fit their needs. The e-newsletters are sent monthly or quarterly based on dealership preference. They can be easily customized with dealership name and logo, and include an unlimited number of customized coupons.

The newsletters are filled with timely, pertinent information of value to the driver, says Parker Hannifin. Some examples include fuel efficiency tips, improving vehicle safety or winterization requirements.

The customized coupons provided with the newsletter continue to pull the customer back to the dealership, improving customer retention and capturing services often lost to the competition, says the company.

This program can also be used to prompt renewal when the protection plan is about to expire. An e-mail is sent to the driver 30 days before expiration, inviting him to return to the dealership to get a new nitrogen service and renew his warranty coverage. 

Parker Hannifin says with the customized nitrogen marketing and retention program, nitrogen tire inflation shifts from a one-time repair to a regular service with a defined interval. Dealer-specified coupons can capture lost services or take advantage of underutilized equipment (e.g. alignment rack). Finally, it allows dealers to consistently maintain contact with those who matter most to the business, the customers, the company says.

For additional information on this program, see the company's Web site at


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