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Raybestos brakes cater to law enforcement

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The new Raybestos Police-Specific Brake System is designed to lower overall cost per mile while maintaining peak performance levels at extreme temperatures. It features pursuit-proven pads, rotors and calipers.

"Some law enforcement agencies use all OE components, or pads and rotors from a manufacturer they've used for years," says Charles Darsey, test manager at Affinia Group Inc.'s Global Brake & Chassis research and development facility in Winchester, Ky. "They are unaware of how the superior performance and overall value of this system could benefit their departments."

Components of the Raybestos Police-Specific Brake System are designed to help eliminate problems that plague today's cruisers. Pursuit-proven rotors are created with Quiet on Arrival Technology and damped iron metallurgy that reduces vibration and suppresses noise. Police-loaded calipers contain high-temperature silicone boots that are able to withstand double the temperature of normal EPDM rubber for a sustained period of time, thus helping to prevent the "thermal events" many cruisers experience when a braking system overheats.

Police-specific brake pads not only reduce a fleet's cost per mile, according to the company, but also are D3EA PPSV certified.

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