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What's the future of LT tire sales?

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What's the future of LT tire sales?

New light truck sales plummeted nearly 25% in 2008. As the recession continues, light truck tire sales and usage are expected to decline even further. How will this affect LT-metric tire replacement sales? Will the LT tire market also crash?

Tire manufacturers and dealers answer these and other questions in the March 2009 edition of Modern Tire Dealer, in Senior Editor Mike Manges' article, "Shrinking segment?"

Manges spoke with executives from Continental Tire North American Inc., Hankook Tire America Corp., Hercules Tire & Rubber Co., Michelin North America Inc., Pirelli Tire North America and Yokohama Tire Corp. -- as well as several independent tire dealers -- to get their thoughts on the rapidly changing light truck segment and how tires are being impacted by those changes.

It wasn't that long ago when light trucks comprised more than half of all new vehicles sold each year. "The people who have the money and really want trucks still buy them," says Pirelli Marketing Manager Jeff Koehler.

Manges' article also examines the possibility of eco-friendly LT-metric tires. Are they feasible from a technology standpoint? Can they be sold? Find out in the March issue of MTD.

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