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Bridgestone to roll out 'third generation' run-flats

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Bridgestone Corp. says it will begin marketing its "third generation" of run-flat tires this year, with focus on the original equipment channel.

The tires "have adopted new technologies that further improve ride comfort," say Bridgestone officials.

They include new sidewall-reinforced rubber that can reduce heat generation; a new ply to retard deformation and the company's proprietary Cooling Fin technology. which uses protrusions facing toward the center of the wheel that create disturbances in air flow, thereby cooling the tires.

"By application of these new technologies, the third generation run-flat tires can reduce vertical stiffness deflection... and achieve riding comfort comparable to conventional tires."

The tires will be offered in a wider range of sizes than their predecessors, including sizes that were previously difficult to develop.

"Bridgestone is confident that its third generation run-flat tires will significantly advance the use of run-flat tires by original equipment manufacturers, thereby accelerating the elimination of spare tires in passenger vehicles," explain Bridgestone officials.

"Eliminating spare tires from all vehicles would help save resources by reducing the approximately 59 million spare tires annually."

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