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Alliance Tire opens distribution center

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Alliance Tire Co. has opened a distribution center in Portland, Tenn., which "allows us to easily send tires to customers in any direction," says Manny Cicero, the company's president.

"It's pretty much a straight shot by interstate to the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast, the Northeast... and the upper Midwest."

The warehouse enables Alliance to maintain "safety stock for our OEM customers and it helps support our distributors around the country."

"While container programs will still be advantageous to our distributors and dealers, we all know there are those emergencies -- those I-have-to-have-them-now moments -- that customers run into every once in a while," explains James Tuschner, Alliance's marketing director.

"That's especially true with some of our more technical tires like high-speed flotation or large row crop tires. In many cases, our dealers will be able to supply their customers in days."

More more information about Alliance and its sales and distribution plans, see the February 2009 issue of Modern Tire Dealer, out now, which contains an exclusive interview with Cicero.

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