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MTD Tire Dealer of the Year Profile

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MTD Tire Dealer of the Year Profile

Full name: William Charles Ziegler

Age: 61

I am most proud of: number one, my family, and number two, our company.

My hobbies and interests include: bowling, golf and just about all sports.

My biggest regret:
I try not to dwell on any regrets, but prefer to focus on the positives.My favorite childhood memory: My mom and dad would get tickets to all of the Sunday Cleveland Indians doubleheaders. We would go to church, hurry home, pack a lunch and drive to Cleveland to watch the doubleheader. I think my mom actually enjoyed the games the most. (This was when Cleveland had better teams!)

My favorite book: I read for recreation and enjoy about any suspense or crime novels. I particularly enjoy James Patterson.

My favorite sport: football, especially Ohio State football.

My favorite food: anything Italian. 

My favorite music: 1960s and ‘70s rock.

My favorite politician: Ronald Reagan

Am I a morning or a night person? Definitely a morning person. My kids make fun of me for going to bed so early.

To relax, I like to: spend time with my family. I enjoy swimming, reading or just clearing my mind and regenerating.

If I could change one thing about myself: I would get in better shape.

My goal in life is: to be the best person I can be and make my family proud.

A perfect evening for me is: going home after work, having a nice dinner and spending time with my family.

Best advice my parents ever gave me: Be honest, fair and have integrity.

The smartest thing I have ever done is: return to the family business after a short career as a certified public accountant.

My advice to my children: Be honest, fair and have integrity.

My advice to a tire dealer who is just starting out: Give the best service possible and never forget why you started your business.

The greatest thing about the tire industry today: As a general rule, our industry has a great group of dealers, many of whom I consider true friends. It is the independent dealer who is the backbone of our industry.

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