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Impressive Impreza

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Impressive Impreza

SUBJECT VEHICLE: 2008 Subaru Impreza.

SENSOR IN TIRE? No (installed in each wheel).


SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED? Yes (TPM-00012 or Kent-Moore Part No. FJ45295 registration tools).

The Subaru Impreza’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) checks tire pressures when the vehicle is driven at speeds of 20 mph or higher. Sensors are installed in each wheel. The TPMS can only be activated when the Impreza is being driven.

Here’s how to exchange a sensor. Please note that if you’re using new wheels, make sure they have the same part number as the Impreza’s OE wheels since it may not be possible to install sensors on some types of rims. Follow these steps to make the swap:

1. Remove the tire/wheel assembly from the vehicle.

2. Bleed air from the tire valve.

3. Remove the nut and drop the transmitter in the tire.

4. Using the tire changer, remove the tire from the rim.

5. Remove the nut to take out the transmitter.

6. Install the new transmitter to the rim by aligning it with the valve hole and then tightening the nut to 66 in.-lbs.

7. Using the tire changer, install the tires to the wheels.

8. Install the tire and wheel assembly.

9. Adjust inflation pressures all the way around the vehicle.

Now you’re ready to register the vehicle’s new sensors.

Sensor ID registration

Keep in mind that if the installation position of the sensor is altered, the sensor or TPMS control module is replaced, or the wheels are changed, new tire pressure sensor IDs must be registered.
In the following procedure, the Subaru select Monitor and Transmitter Registration Tool (TPM-00012 or Kent-Moore Part No. FJ45295) must be used.

1. Set the tire pressure levels in all four tires to spec.

2. Connect the Subaru Select Monitor.

3. On the “MAIN MENU” display screen, select “EACH SYSTEM CHECK” and press the “YES” key.

4. On the “SYSTEM SELECTION MENU” screen, select “TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING” and press the “YES” key.

5. On the screen, select “TRANSMITTER ID REGIST CONFIRM” and press the “YES” key.

6. When “ID REGISTRATION MODE EXECUTE, REGISTERED ID IS SELECTED PROCEED” comes up on the display screen, press the “YES” key.

7. Using your Transmitter Registration Tool, contact the sidewall near the air valve of the front left tire and press the switch to send the transmitter ID to the TPMS control module. At this time, the tire pressure waning light will blink to start the procedure.

8. Make sure you register transmitters in the following order: left front, right front, right rear and then left rear.

9. After registration for each tire is completed, the hazard light will blink and “ID REGISTRATION COMPLETED” will be displayed in the Select Monitor display screen. The tire pressure warning light will turn on for two seconds, as well.

Check the registered transmitter ID by following these steps:

a. Connect the Subaru Select Monitor.

b. On “MAIN MENU” screen, select “EACH SYSTEM CHECK” and press “YES.”

c. On the “SYSTEM SELECTION MENU,” select “TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING” and hit the “YES” button.


e. Pick “TRANSMITTER ID DATA MONITOR” and press the “YES” key to display the ID.

After all IDs have been confirmed, drive the Impreza at 15 mph for 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that the TPMS may not function properly if the following conditions are present: tires have been damaged or punctured; battery fluid, gravity and voltage areas are out of spec; fewer than four operational sensors have been installed; and the presence of metal under the driver’s seat, which can cause poor reception of signals from the sensors.    ■

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