Bridgestone targets Europe for wide-base tire technology

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Bridgestone Corp. announced the development of what it calls a "revoluntionary" system for its Greatec line of wide-base truck and bus radials.

Called AIRCEPT (for assistant inner ring interceptor), the system operates in conjunction with a tire pressure monitor that alerts a driver to the loss of air pressure.

The AIRCEPT unit fits inside the tire flush against the wheel. If tire pressure drops below a specified level, the unit expands and supports the load, allowing the driver to stop and change the tire.

Bridgestone is targeting the AIRCEPT system for Europe initially. "But as markets develop and Greatec tires become popular in other parts of the world, the system's offering may be expanded," says the company.

Bridgestone added that DaimlerChrysler will use the Greatec-AIRCEPT combination for upcoming models of its ACTROS line of trucks.

Bridgestone launched its Greatec wide-base tire line, which is narrower than a dual tire configuration, in 2000.

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