RMA spells out support of rolling resistance bill in letter

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Tire fuel efficiency information will help consumers make decisions that will help reduce vehicle fuel consumption, the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) told a U.S. Representative in a recent letter.

The RMA spelled out where it stands in relation to H.R. 5632, which would require tiremakers to provide consumers with point-of-sale information about tire rolling resistance.

The bill also would require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to "promulgate a rule that will create a national rating system for tire rolling resistance."

It was recently approved by House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Here are excerpts from the RMA's letter to U.S. Representative Joe Barton:

"Reducing fuel consumption is a high priority national objective that can be more easily achieved if American consumers are provided with information that allows them to make wise product purchasing and maintenance decisions regarding fuel economy.

"Consumers could more effectively contribute to the solution of tire fuel efficieny information were available to assist them in making tire purchases.

"H.R. 5632 directs the Secretary of Transportation to promulgate a rile which establishes a national mandatory tire fuel efficiency consumer information requirement for passenger tires, including those tires suitable for cars, mini-vans, SUVs and light duty trucks.

"The measure could reduce fuel consumption by up to two billion gallons annually -- the equivalent of removing nearly four million cars and light trucks off the road.

"An April 2006 report by the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board supports this approach: 'Congress should authorize and make sufficient resources available to NHTSA to allow it to gather and report information on the influence of individual passenger tires on vehicle fuel consumption... and ensure that the information is made widely available in a timely manner and is easily understood by both buyers and sellers.'

"H.R. 5632 is consistent with this report and creates a national program to inform and educate consumers about the influence of passenger tires on vehicle fuel consumption and the crucial role tire maintenance plays in vehicle fuel economy."

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