'We really respond to customers' Grismer Tire's commercial division takes it work personally

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'We really respond to customers' Grismer Tire's commercial division takes it work personally

Grismer Tire Co.'s commercial division plays a major role in the dealership's overall success.

The unit, headed by Grismer Tire President Charles "Rusty" Marshall II, is outperforming many of its competitors in a difficult economy. "Our new tire (sales) remain about even," says Rusty, "but our service has had nice growth, and we've had some nice increases over the past two or three years" in retreading. In fact, the company is on record pace for retread production this year, according to Tim Stover, Grismer Tire commercial general manager.

"We've never been the biggest, but we want to produce the finest retreads that money can buy -- a retread that's not just as good as a new tire, but better!" says Rusty.

Grismer Tire's Bandag retread plant workers have nearly 112 combined years of experience. "I'm so proud of what they turn out," says Rusty. "We have an extremely low failure rate. Last year, we had an account who ran 535 retreads, and not one retread failed."

A successful retread depends on four factors, he says:

1. "The customer has to buy a high-quality tire."

2. "That tire has to receive proper maintenance during its original life."

3. "You need a quality-driven retreader to retread it."

4. "The retread has to be taken care of just like when it was new."

"If one of the four is missing, it's a calamity," says Rusty.

Grismer Tire's commercial division also performs its share of section repairs. "We take every adjustment as a personal matter." And Rusty is extremely proud of the unit's road service capabilities. "We truly give 24-hour, 365-days-a-year service."

For each service call, even those at night, Rusty sends his service manager into the shop to open it up for the service truck driver "and to make sure all paperwork is filled out properly and completely." After the job is done, the manager personally follows up with customers to make sure they are satisfied. "I've sent men east of Columbus (Dayton is in the southwestern part of Ohio) and we've gone as far as Cincinnati (60 miles southwest of Dayton) to service competitors' customers." Often, "we're the only port in the storm."

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