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GITI wants to blog about tires

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GITI wants to blog about tires

A new blog called “Talkin’ Tires” utilizes illustrated characters to promote the GT Radial brand in North America. It also is designed to provide helpful information to consumers on tire and automotive topics.

According to Julianto Djajadi, vice president of marketing for GITI Tire (USA) Ltd., the use of the illustrated characters will help the brand relate to its key consumer segments. The blogs will be written by internal company experts.

"The blog will have relevant posts for all of our key consumer segments: not just auto and truck enthusiasts but others such as suburban moms and value-seeking dads,” he says.

Blog posts also will be submitted by a team of guest bloggers, including drifting competitor Tyler Wolfson, off-road enthusiast David Jones and auto mechanic Charles Sanville.

Djajadi says the blog will be promoted through social media, news media, and the GT Radial website.

For more information on the blog and the brand, visit

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