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ContiLifeCycle to spread in the Americas

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Continental Tire the Americas LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tire Business Unit detailed some of its plans for expansion of the ContiLifeCycle retreading in the Americas.

According to executive vice president Paul Williams, the ContiLifeCycle concept continued to experience high growth in the region throughout 2012, with additional expansion planned in 2013.

“The demand for our ContiLifeCycle retreading solution, and our ContiTread flat precure treads, has grown dramatically,” says Williams. “In response, we have added 18,000 square feet to our tread manufacturing plant in Mexico in June. The addition of a complete new line of equipment including a new double press, extruder and finishing will be complete in first quarter 2013.”

Williams says the new press also allows the company to begin production of ContiTreads for super singles, including the HDL2 Eco Plus drive and HTL1 trailer tire.

“Following this expansion, we are forecasting to produce over 300,000 flat treads in 2013 and that we can successfully meet the demand of the entire Americas region for ContiTreads for the next five years,” Williams explains.

The ContiLifeCycle solution, in addition to adding several licensees in the U.S., has incredible potential in other markets of the Americas, Williams said. These markets include:

  • Canada: The country’s first ContiLifeCycle licensee is expected to be named in early 2013.
  • Mexico: Nine ContiLifeCycle licensees are currently producing ContiTread retreaded truck tires throughout Mexico, where Continental has focused on building a network with comprehensive coverage.
  • Chile: Chile’s first ContiLifeCycle licensee opened in January 2012 in Lampa, Región Metropolitana.
  • Ecuador: The two ContiLifeCycle retread facilities, Renovallanta Durán and Renovallanta Quito, continue to ramp up production and service for fleets along the coastal and central areas of Ecuador
  • Brazil: Two new ContiLifeCycle licensees have opened in Brazil in December, both owned by the São Jose dealership.

“We will continue our philosophy of making ContiTread products to match the tread designs and performance of each of our new tires, adding additional products to our retreading portfolio and making them readily available to fleets throughout the Americas region,” says Williams.

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