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Seat utility tires with Ken-Tool Bead Expander

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Seat utility tires with Ken-Tool Bead Expander

Ken-Tool Corp. says its new T131 Utility Tire Pneumatic Bead Expander (P/N 31431) is a time-saver for tire service or tractor shop technicians who have difficulty getting 10- to 22-inch diameter utility tires to seat on the rim.

The company says the T131 solves the problem with tubeless tires, which are often shipped from overseas tightly compressed and banded together in stacks of a dozen or more. When un-banded, the sidewalls and beads of these tires are deformed and usually do not reassume their normal shape.

The Ken-Tool T131 Utility Tire Pneumatic Bead Expander weighs only 2 pounds, and uses an internal heavy-duty neoprene rubber tube featuring an internal over-pressure relief valve that protects the expander from accidental over-inflation. It also features an external pressure quick release valve and is covered by a tough, abrasion-resistant nylon sock.

The tube and sock are resistant to oil, grease, solvents, acids and many other chemicals found in tire and tractor shops. Designed for shop air pressures up to 150 psi, this new expander compliments Ken-Tool’s current expander line for 22-inch to 34-inch diameter tires.

To use, the technician simply wraps the tire with the T131 Bead Expander, and uses the clinch rings to snug the assembly tightly around the center of the tire tread. After applying tire lube on the beads and rim, the tech introduces compressed air into the expander’s tube, which squeezes the tread, forcing the beads towards the rim.

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