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Marangoni mixes it up with the MIX100

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Marangoni mixes it up with the MIX100

Marangoni SpA is in the process of designing and manufacturing a new generation ring that combines requirements for both the truck sector and on/off road use.

Through its Marangoni Retreading Systems group, the new MIX100 profile is designed "to meet the needs of users in the on/off segment, who require high mileage at sustained speeds, so as to reduce travel time between quarry and site, and who demand maximum traction and grip on all surfaces from their tires," says the company.

"As a consequence, the tires developed for this segment need to minimize vehicle downtime, as well as guarantee high mileage and excellent traction."

MIX100 is an original Marangoni pattern designed for use on drive axles on vehicles operating in mixed road/quarry applications, with a high percentage of use on especially demanding surfaces.

This directional tread pattern features a variable block arrangement to ensure excellent traction on any type of surface; specifically, the square tread profile means an exceptionally wide footprint that maximizes grip on the road.

The wide opening of the shoulders ensures the tread is constantly kept “clean” of any stones, mud and water. This function is further enhanced by the rotation direction of the pattern and the specially-angled grooves that facilitate the expulsion of debris, consequently lowering the risk of the tread tearing.

The extensive reinforcing bridges on the central and side ribs provide resistance to impact and chafing in the center and on the sidewalls, as well as stability on soft ground (mud) and resistance to very aggressive road surfaces (stones/rocks).

Other features of the pattern include its exceptional sturdiness in the most demanding conditions (on mud, rocks and with heavy loads) and reduced risk of penetration by sharp bodies due to the reinforced cushion gum.

The tread is made using a "superior" compound developed with new technology, according to Marangoni. The result is "extraordinary robustness and exceptional resistance to stretching" -- to help it better withstand fragmentation/propagation of tears or cuts caused by stones and debris.

"The low hysteresis compound guarantees longer tread life in heavy duty conditions and excellent mileage," adds the company.

RingTread is the only retreading system that uses joint-free precured rings that adhere to the casing without tension or deformation of the tread pattern, ensuring excellent traction on demanding surfaces, thanks to the precision and directional stability of the siping and blocks.

For more information about RingTread retreaded truck tires in North America, visit

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