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What went on at the Pirelli dealer meeting?

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What went on at the Pirelli dealer meeting?

The Pirelli Group always seems to do things in a big way. Fill rates down in the United States? Build a plant in Mexico. Need even more brand awareness globally? Supply Formula One with its spec tire.

Pirelli Tire North America Inc. wanted to do more than introduce its Cinturato P7 All Season Plus (pictured) tire to its dealers.

So the company invited them to Austin, Texas, for the 2012 U.S. Grand Prix Formula One race, held at the new Circuit of the Americas track.

Won by McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton, the race was just the backdrop for the traditional dealer meeting, which included more than just the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. (Pirelli also showcased the tire in its booth at the recent Global Tire Expo.)

What did Pirelli pass along to its dealers? And who were the "Friends" enjoying the race with them in the Pirelli suite?

Find out by reading Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich's latest blog, "Pirelli outlines plans to its U.S. dealers as the stars align."

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