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Atturo tire cuts through mud like a blade

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Atturo tire cuts through mud like a blade

Atturo Tire Corp. will display a new addition to the SUV/LT niche segment at the 2012 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, Nev.: the Trail Blade Mud Terrain.

Designed in partnership with The Mantis Knife Co. of Southern California, the Trail Blade will be introduced initially in the following six 8- or 10-ply sizes:

1. 33X12.5R17,

2. 35X12.5R17,

3. 33X12.5R17,

4. 35X12.5R18,

5. 33X12.5R20 and

6. 35X12.5R20.

More sizes will be added to address original equipment and plus-size fitments over the first half of 2013.

The concept of the design was based on the unique and aggressive blade designs of Mantis, according to Michael Mathis, co-owner and vice president of international marketing for Atturo.

“I came across the Mantis BK-1 knife almost by accident and had never seen anything like it before. It was at the same time we were working on our new tread pattern for the mud terrain. The fit between a knife blade and off-road tire seemed like a natural pairing.”

The sidewall lugs and shoulder tread blocks were styled by Mantis founder, Jared West.

“Knives, by design are intended to split matter," he says. "When the correlation between certain 'Hawkbill style' blades and mud terrain tires was first pointed out, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to help create a tire that would not only join two companies from completely different marketplaces, but would create a larger audience for both company’s products.

"It’s a fact; our customers are ‘car guys,’ and inversely, a significant portion of the people buying mud terrain tires are carrying knives in their pockets on a daily basis. The match-up, in terms of design and marketing, is a no-brainer.“

The Trail Blade M/T is built on state-of-the-art automated machinery in Thailand. The tires are cured using segmented aluminum molds -- similar to those used to produce higher performance tires than basic LT tires. The result is "excellent" uniformity and strength in the core of the tire, says Atturo.

Trail Blade’s shoulder tread has a contoured center channel to aid in wet traction. Between the shoulder treads, arched and segmented channels were added to help eject stones and clear mud from the tread.

The pattern extends to the sidewall with staggered shoulder blocks to provide lateral grip in loose surfaces such as dirt, sand and snow. Finally, the menacing sidewall tread lugs provide deep gouging traction.

The tire will meet all international quality standards and applicable certifications for Atturo’s worldwide market. The Mud Terrain's design keeps with Atturo’s niche of finding gaps in the market between what major brand and low-cost tire producers offer.

Atturo has entered the Trail Blade M/T in the New Product Showcase at the SEMA Show, and will have the new tire on display at booth No. 41295 in the South Hall.

"Once there are sufficient stocks available, we intend to again partner with Mantis to offer an Atturo-themed knife for the ultimate pairing with the tire.

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