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Winter wonderlanding: Hankook ad campaign

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Winter wonderlanding: Hankook ad campaign

The latest consumer advertising campaign from Hankook Tire America Corp. and its parent company, Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. continues to be themed "Be One with It.”

Continuing from the previous “Sky Jumper” theme, the “Be One with It -- Snowboarder” campaign (pictured) will be aired from October 1 through the end of December of this year across North America and Europe.

The "Be One with It" global television ad campaign symbolizes a sense of unity between drivers and their tires. To communicate Hankook Tires’ edge over its competitors, the TV ad illustrates a very dynamic and aesthetic set of sequences with beautiful cinematography and cross-cutting between both the driver and the boarder barrelling through the wintry landscape.

Resembling that of a spy movie, the spot was filmed in the snowy mountains in New Zealand at an altitude of almost 4,000 feet.

“Since the first launch of our “Be One with It” campaign in May 2011, we received tremendous commendation from our fans around the world,” says Se Heon Kim, vice president of brand division at Hankook Tire.

"The new winter edition once again seamlessly associates with the Hankook tire brand by not only symbolizing flawless performance in the most extreme driving conditions, but also illustrating the best driving performance out of our tires without compromising precise control in the most extreme winter road conditions.”

To keep true to the tone and mood of the original campaign, director Jeffrey Darling was brought in again to direct the exclusive new winter edition of "Be One with It.” Darling is an award-winning director with footprints in numerous advertisements for some of the most renowned premium automobile brands.

“Be One with It -- Snowboarder” will first appear on major TV channels in Germany, followed by Italy, Hungary, Russia, the United States, and Canada. Other countries will be able to view this ad through Hankook Tire’s official global YouTube channel and local Hankook Tire YouTube pages.

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