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Call for papers goes out for tire conference

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Clemson University is now accepting papers for the 2013 Clemson University Tire Industry Conference to be held April 24-26 at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa in Hilton Head, S.C.

This conference is for the domestic and international tire industry, including the suppliers, customers and allied industries, and is designed to address developments throughout the fields of tire design, research, regulation and manufacturing in all areas of the tire industry.

To present a paper, send the paper title, a short summary/abstract of 250 to 350 words, and the speaker’s profile/bio to before Oct. 31, 2012, for consideration.

Each confirmed speaker will be given a 35-minute presentation slot during the conference. The registration fee is waived for each confirmed speaker; however, each speaker is responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Past topics have focused around the following areas of the tire industry: materials, design, testing, development, improvement, government regulations, and safety. Some examples of potential papers include:

* Recent technology in tire design, testing and/or development

* The role of new truck tire technology in truck design and operation

* Truck manufacturer views on new regulations — tire certification and truck fuel economy

* What truck manufacturers  and fleets desire from the tire industry

* Economic outlook from truck manufacturers and truck fleets

* Economic or political challenges to the tire industry

* Latest and future issues for TPMS in the automotive and trucking markets

* Present situation and outlook for Asia, Europe, North America, and/or South America

* The impact of tire labeling on consumers’ buying behavior or tire labeling requirements

* Latest intelligent tire applications/technology and/or developments in tire sensor materials

* New developments in run-flat tires, tire cord systems and/or retreading OTR tires

* Developments/improvements in rubber raw materials (natural adn synthetic rubber)

* Long-term future of tire manufacturing worldwide

* Tire rolling resistance -- approach/improvement/effects

* Scrap and cost reduction in tire manufacturing

* Green technologies in the tire industry

* Tire design, tire safety, and/or tire simulation software

For more information, see or call (800) 258-1017.

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