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Time of bay: Revamped Andreoli software

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Time of bay: Revamped Andreoli software

Tire and auto service software developer Andreoli & Associates Inc. (A&A) has redesigned the Bay Management module of its cloud-based HITS BPOS point-of-sale software.

The new module enables rapid identification of open bay times and quick creation of repair orders that are automatically populated with date, time and bay from a calendar-bay grid.

“Effective bay utilization and maximization of skilled shop labor is more important than ever,” states Mike Andreoli, president of A&A. “The visual representation of shop workload and flow facilitates more bookings resulting in better utilization of valuable physical and HR resources.”

“We were asking phone customers if they could come in tomorrow because we thought we had all the work we could comfortably complete in a day,” says Larry Griffin, Jr. of Griffin Brothers (, who has been using the enhanced software at his nine locations.

“With the new Bay Manager module, our sales team can accept more same-day service requests and attain higher car count because we can ‘see’ the open bays and times rather than go by feel.”

According to Andreoli, efficiency, as well as sales and shop compensation is further enhanced through better teamwork.

“With everyone (sales, shop staff, and management) all working off the same calendar-bay grid, everyone knows what work is going through the shop, in which bays, when and for how long,” says Andreoli. “Workflow is much smoother, stress levels are lower, car count increases, and customer satisfaction is improved.”

Prior to this enhancement, Andreoli also recently integrated its cloud-based HITSBPOS point-of-sale software with DriverSide Inc.’s Full-Service Online Garage.

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