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Is the auto industry adding U.S. jobs?

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The 2012 presidential campaign is well underway, and the negative ads are everywhere. In all the rhetoric and mud-slinging, it’s difficult to be sure what’s really true and what isn’t.

One point President Obama brings up can’t be debated. Obama is contrasting the federal bailout of the auto industry to the stance of Republican rival Mitt Romney, who opposed government involvement. On a recent visit to Ohio, Obama cited a Jeep factory in Toledo that he said would be adding jobs as proof the economy is improving.

"What's happening in Toledo can happen in cities like Cleveland, can happen in Pittsburgh," Obama said to a crowd in Maumee. "It can happen in other industries. And that's why I'm running for a second term as president, because I'm going to make sure that it does," said Obama. "I want it happening all across this country."

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