Ken-Tool offers the IronMan Ergonomic Wheel Lifting Bar

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Ken-Tool has developed a wheel lifting tool designed to help prevent back injuries and make the job of changing heavy truck tires easier.

The IronMan Ergonomic Wheel Lifting Bar, (Item #34950), features specially designed forged ends that work from either side of the wheel assembly as it lays flat.

It is comprised of a long bar with a special knob on one end and a curved spoon on the other. To use the tool when the wheel is lying down with the hub-side up, the knob end is inserted into a lug hole and the tool is used to lever the assembly to the standing upright position. If the tire/wheel assembly is lying with the hub side down, the curved spoon end is inserted into the wheel slot in the hub with the bent tip pointed toward the center of the wheel, and again the tool is used to lever the assembly to the standing upright position.

The leverage created by the tool lets technicians easily and safely lift heavy, awkward tire and wheel assemblies, reducing the risk of back strain and injury.

In addition, the IronMan is useful outside in muddy or other conditions when the wheel assembly might be wet or slippery and there is the chance that a technician might slip while lifting a wheel.

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