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Bead breaker breaks two beads at one time

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Bead breaker breaks two beads at one time

ESCO is marketing its new pneumatic truck tire bead breaker. It is designed to break both tough-to-break truck tire beads in one tire at the same time.

The Model 20425 "eliminates the need to lift and turn the 200-pound heavy truck tire/wheel assembly over to break the second bead," says ESCO (Equipment Supply Co.). "Now the tire technician simply rolls the tire/wheel assembly into the bead breaker and breaks both beads at the same time in seconds."

The Model 20425 is powered by standard shop or tire service truck air at 100 psi to develop a bead breaking force of more than 5,000 pounds. The unit will handle all truck tire/wheel sizes 19.5 inches through 24.5 inches -- including the Michelin X-One and other wide-base tires/wheels (see photo).

With a shop floor footprint of only 28 inchs by 32 inches, operating space is not a problem, says the company. "Due to its small footprint, the Model 20425 can also be installed on the power lift gates of all tire service trucks."

The bead breaker also helps tire dealers to comply with the OSHA regulations that forbid the striking of the tire wheel assembly with steel duck bill tire hammers. In addition, the Model 20425 helps reduce the workers' compensation claims for back strain from lifting heavy objects.

For more information and to see a video of the unit in action. visit ESCO's website at

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