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Council creates car care videos for consumers

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The Car Care Council has created a web video series by segmenting its award-winning consumer video, “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect,” into eight short episodes.

The episodes will be posted to the council’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed every two weeks at 9:30 a.m. EST, starting Tuesday, July 31, 2012. These "Car Care Clips" will focus on taking the guesswork out of auto service by giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the repair shop experience.

The first four episodes released will concentrate on finding and building a relationship with a repair shop. The last four episodes, set to air in the fall, will highlight the actual repair process.

"After receiving many requests from industry members for individual video segments, we created eight episodes that cover the different aspects of finding and working with an auto repair shop in order to help car owners become more comfortable with the process,” says Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. “By releasing each episode individually, we are not only able to share no-nonsense tips and advice with consumers, but we are also able provide industry members with a useful tool to help them communicate with their customers.”

The episodes will be shared on the council’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed as follows:

1. July 31 -- "Finding the Right Repair Shop."

2. Aug. 14 -- "Do I Have to Return to the Dealership?"

3. Aug. 28 -- "What to Expect at the Repair Shop."

4. Sept. 11 -- "How to Communicate and Ask Questions."

5. Sept. -- "Why Pay for Diagnostics?"

6. Oct. 9 -- "Buying the Right Part."

7. Oct. 23 -- "Preventative Maintenance is Key.

8. Nov. 6 -- "Before You Leave the Shop Checklist."

Industry members can download the eight video episodes via the Car Care Council website by clicking here.

The full “Auto Service and Repair: What to Expect” video provides a wealth of information and straight talk on such topics as finding the right auto repair facility, what to expect at the shop and what questions to ask. The video also covers the real truth about consumer rights and the manufacturer’s warranty.

The view the video, or for a copy of the council's "Car Care Guide," visit

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