RMA tire size popularity: P225/60R16, LT265/75R16 remain top replacement choices

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In 2007, for the second year in a row, the top replacement passenger tire size was P225/60R16. For the fourth consecutive year, the top OE size was P215/60R16.

The most popular replacement and OE light truck tire sizes were LT265/75R16 and LT245/75R16, respectively.

Tire size popularity is just part of the information published in the Rubber Manufacturers Association's "Preliminary Factbook 2008," which reports U.S. tire shipment activity for 2007.

Here is the top five size breakdown for both passenger and light truck tires:

Passenger, OE

1. P215/60R16, 5.8%.

2. P245/65R17, 4.4%.

3. P235/70R16, 4.3%.

4. P265/70R17, 4.0%.

5. P195/60R15, 3.1%.

Passenger, replacement

1. P225/60R16, 4.8%.

2. P235/75R15, 4.3%.

3. P205/65R15, 3.2%.

4. P215/70R15, 2.6%.

5. P205/70R15, 2.4%.

Light truck, OE

1. LT245/75R16, 40.8%.

2. LT225/75R16, 16.3%.

3. LT265/70R17, 12.5%.

4. LT245/75R17, 5.4%.

5. LT275/65R20, 4.1%.

Light truck, replacement

1. LT265/75R16, 15.7%.

2. LT245/75R16, 15.5%.

3. LT235/85R16, 11.5%.

4. LT225/75R16, 8.0%.

5. 31x10.50R15, 6.7%.

The most popular OE (at 29.4%) and replacement (at 26.6%) medium and wide-base truck tire size is 295/75R22.5, followed by 11R22.5 in both cases.

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