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Geolander SUV: not quite ready for the U.S.

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Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. will introduce its next-generation SUV tire in Europe in March. The Geolander SUV was developed based on the company's BluEarth technology.

First sold in Japan in February, the tire eventually will be available in the United States, according to the company.

The fuel-efficient Geolander SUV will be available in 27 sizes ranging from 245/50R20 102V to 205/70R15 96H. Yokohama says the tire targets vehicles designed for on-road driving, including urban crossover vehicles and medium- and small-size SUVs.

The tire features compounding and design technology used in Yokohama's fuel-efficient BluEarth passenger car tires, says the company. "Thanks to these technologies, comfort, safety and lower fuel consumption are enhanced while the utility performance of SUV tires on various road surfaces is fully maintained."

Yokohama will showcase  the Geolander SUV at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 6-18.

Yokohama's BluEarth concept mark appears on the sidewall of each tire. BluEarth represents the company's global concept of "being human and socially friendly combined with with improvements to environmental performance."

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