CIMS calls electronic tire registration a 'win-win'

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Paper tire registration form supplier CIMS Tire Registration & Retread Identification Co. says the federal government's support of electronic tire registration is a "win-win situation."

Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it wants to amend tire registration procedures "to facilitate Internet and other electronic registration of tires.

"We believe this rulemaking is needed to ensure that the regulation permits, to the extent consistent with the agency's authority, the use of new technologies in registering tires."

In addition to potentially reducing costs, "the procedures could also result in improved tire registration rates," said NHTSA officials.

CIMS President Paul Kruder says proposed changes "will give tire dealers the option of providing a paper tire registration form to every customer or completing the tire registration process electronically on behalf of the tire purchaser.

"By improving tire registration levels, everybody wins, especially the tire purchaser because of the safety protection registering tires offers them."

Kruder says CIMS had some concerns when NHTSA originally proposed changes to current tire registration rules.

"We'll need to study the proposal completely, but it looks like NHTSA has addressed these concerns. Electronically registering tires is not new to us. We have been registering tires electronically... for 15-plus years."

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