MTD’s 2010 Tire Dealer of the Year Profile

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MTD’s 2010 Tire Dealer of the Year Profile

Full name: John Kyle Snider

 Age: 55

 Family: Carole Snider (wife), David and Anne-Marie Brown (son-in-law and daughter),  Kate Snider (daughter), Kelley Snider (daughter), and two grandchildren

 I am most proud of: the relationship I have with my family.

 My hobbies and interests include: golf, travel, reading and cooking.

 My favorite childhood memory: summer vacations in Colorado with my parents and sister

 My biggest regret: I wish I had paid more attention to my finance professor in college.

My favorite book: fiction (“The Winds of War”), non-fiction (“Re-Competitive Strategies: How to Regain Growth Profit for Mature Businesses”)

 My favorite sport: football

 My favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

 My favorite food: hamburger

 My favorite politician: George H.W. Bush

 Am I a morning or night person? Morning

 If I could change one thing about myself: I’d be more disciplined with diet and exercise.

 My goal in life: I want to enjoy my family and friends and help provide opportunities for the people I work with.

 A perfect evening for me is: Cooking out with family and friends.

 The smartest things I’ve ever done: Marry my wife, Carole, and assemble a very talented group of folks that work hard to take care of our customers and each other.

 Best advice my parents ever gave me: I don’t remember specific advice, but my parents were (and are) great role models for my sister and me. I grew up in an environment that stressed working hard, doing your best, being honest, helping others and not forgetting to have a sense of humor.

 My advice to my children: I want my three daughters to find their passion, work hard, help others and always have a sense of humor.

 My advice to a tire dealer who is just starting out: Be prepared to work long hours, hire the best people you can find, and find a niche that you have a passion for. Find ways to network with your industry peers; they are your greatest resource.

 The greatest thing about the tire industry today: It is the embodiment of the free enterprise system. I can give you many examples of my peers who have built sizeable businesses over the last 25 years after starting in a single location. They are “street smart” and very good businessmen.


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