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The strong, silent type

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The strong, silent type

Companies specializing in air compressors for tire dealerships are concentrating on several popular features — low noise generation, added power and a “small footprint.”

This “small footprint” refers to both floor space and the more trendy use of the term relating to the equipment’s energy conservation.

Here are some of the newest products now on the market.

Atlas Copco  compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors has introduced its range of redesigned small oil-injected screw compressors — the GA 5-11/GA 5-15 kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD).

They feature increased free air delivery, noise levels as low as 60 decibels, new VSD voltage variants, and an extended operating range for optimum performance, flexibility and reliability.

An enhanced Elektronikon controller and a new tank-mounted GA 15 VSD model boost the functionality of the small GA range of compressors. The tank-mounted air compressors provide customers with the flexibility of approximately 40 different configurations to meet any need.

When compressed air demand is fluctuating, the advanced control algorithms of Atlas Copco’s VSD create additional average energy savings of 35%, says the company. The entire GA 5-15 VSD range is equipped with new saver cycles on both fan and dryer, which increases the average energy savings further. The GA VSD models, including a tank-mounted GA 15 VSD and new standard Voltage 200/575 variants, also reduce installation costs.

Noise levels from 60 decibels increase installation flexibility by allowing compressors in the GA 5-11/GA 5-15 VSD range to be installed close to the point of use in the shop.


The enhanced GA 5-11/GA 5-15 VSD range provides increased reliability due to the optimization of the newly developed air compressor element and the improved belt-driven drive train. By combining this technology with a new integrated dryer range, the redesigned GA 5-11/GA 5-15 VSD range guarantees top air quality and corrosion protection for downstream equipment, even in the most tropical environments.


Ingersoll Type-30 air compressors

Ingersoll-Rand has launched several models in its Type-30 reciprocating air compressor line. The models are reciprocating two-stage air compressors from 5 to 20 hp.

Compressed air packages are available for everything from intermittent load demand to applications that require a heavier-duty cycle.

All T30 air compressors feature precision-engineered, two-stage cast iron pumps for reliability in continuous duty applications. The ultra-rugged pump construction allows shops to run their compressors all day with a significantly reduced risk of downtime.

In addition, T30 air compressors utilize individually cast cylinders, an overhung crankshaft and a one-piece connecting rod, which combine to provide quick and easy maintenance.

Ingersoll-Rand T30 compressors feature many value-added upgrades that increase uptime and reduce energy consumption, says the company. A low oil level switch shuts down the compressor when necessary to prevent it from causing damage by running without lubricant. Premium-efficiency motors that reduce power consumption are also available as options on standard packages.


Also, the company has launched several new models in its rotary screw air compressor line. Models include the 5 to 15 hp, the 15 to 50 hp and the Nirvana variable speed drive 7.5 to 40 hp rotary screw air compressors.

Nirvana rotary screw compressors have low power consumption at start-up, full load and part-load conditions. Component integration is enhanced by the IntelliDrive integrated variable speed drive (VSD) power system which offers optimum scalability. A simple firmware upgrade enables shops to add to their air capacity without having to upgrade to a new compressor, allowing the Nirvana compressor to grow along with a shop’s business. The top-of-the-line Nirvana compressors deliver maximum operating flexibility and a total air system in one package, along with optimum sound suppression — as low as 65 dB(A).

All compressors are designed for easy operation and installation, with small footprints to help save space.

INGERSOLL-RAND CO., (732) 652-7000,

Kaeser AirCenter

Kaeser’s AirCenter line of packaged compressed air systems come complete with a Kaeser Sigma rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer and optional filter — all compactly mounted on a receiver tank. Simply connect the power and air-line, and you have a fully operational compressed air system for your tire shop, the company says. Compressor size ranges from 3 hp to 40 hp with maximum working pressures available from 80 to 205 psig. The compressors are complete with starter, aftercooler and sound attenuating enclosure.

The CFC-free refrigerated dryer delivers a consistent pressure dew point as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit for clean, dry air ensuring proper air tool operation and longer tool service life. The optional filtration package can be customized to remove particles as small as .01 mi-cron.

KAESER COMPRESSORS INC., (800)  777-7873 or (540) 898-5500,


Quincy QT-10 and QT-Xtreme piston compressors

Quincy Compressor offers three flexible air compressor options for various shop air requirements.

The QT-10 and QT-Xtreme piston air compressors feature heavy-duty construction for start-stop applications where compressed air needs vary throughout the day. They have a standard control setting of 135 psig cut in and 175 psig cut out. Xtreme units are available at 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 hp.

The QGS rotary screw line of air compressors offers the best value when a shop requires a continuous running compressor, says Quincy. The QGS rotary screw is a belt-driven, non-pulsing, tank-mounted unit available in 5, 7.5, 10 and 15 hp.

Quincy Compressor’s new QGV family of variable speed drive air compressors operates efficiently to reduce energy costs.

The QGV line is a complete family of variable speed compressors, with models from 20 to 200 hp and sound levels as low as 68 dB(A). The QGV can supply as little as 15% of full-load capacity, providing substantial energy savings over stop/start or modulating compressors.    

QUINCY COMPRESSOR, (251) 937-5900,

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