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The next nitro-generation

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The next nitro-generation

Nitrogen inflation is offered by 18.3% of the independent tire dealers in the United States, or close to 5,300 dealerships. That doesn’t include Costco Wholesale Corp.’s 409 outlets, which also offer nitrogen tire fill service.

Equipment manufacturers are keeping up with the demand for nitrogen. Here are some of the latest nitrogen tire fill products available on the market.

Pneumatic Components Ltd.’s Accura mobile nitrogen analyzer is rugged and ergonomically designed and reads the actual percentage of nitrogen in tires, the company says. It provides a high level of accuracy and is simple to operate with one-button operation, auto diagnostic with error code to simplify troubleshooting, and a replaceable battery and sensor. The battery life is extended by an automatic power off function. It can be used to convert and purge air-inflated tires and to top-up nitrogen-inflated tires and works with either a nitrogen bottle or a generator. It can provide high speed on- or off-site inflation and is especially designed for U.S. applications. See the company’s Web site at

Parker Hannifin Corp. has introduced the TireSaver TS018-Wand, a manual nitrogen tire inflator that is robust, lightweight and portable. When connected to your existing compressed air line, it will continuously produce an on-demand nitrogen supply.  The exchangeable membrane cartridge technology is designed to inflate over 5,000 tires (1,000 vehicles) with nitrogen, or top-off more than 25,000 nitrogen-filled tires. For more information, see

NitroFill Inc. says its three new units offer dealers “instant and uninterrupted (nitrogen) flow with guaranteed purity up to 99.9%.” The E-160 Nitrogen Generation and Conversion Station is designed for facilities that service “any number” of cars, and smaller pick-ups and SUVs. It has a 6 cfm output (compared to the 8 cfm output of the E-170 model). The E-135 nitrogen Generator/Inflator and E-1135 generator are designed for locations that do not perform nitrogen conversions, but need a solution to enable them to service nitrogen-filled tires. While these high performance, 3 cfm generators are capable of performing nitrogen conversions in light-use applications, they are best used as a nitrogen “source,” according to President Jay Lighter. The E-135 also features an integrated automatic inflator. For more information, visit

Bosch Diagnostics, a business unit of Robert Bosch LLC, offers the Bosch NTF 715 Portable Nitrogen Tire Filling System with settings for both 95% and 98% nitrogen fill, which the system produces with the help of a quadruple filtration system. Once programmed and hooked up to a vehicle’s tires, it purges and fills all four tires simultaneously (up to six if the optional “dually” hose is installed). If a customer only wants to top off one tire, the NTF 715 can accommodate him with a single-fill hose and gauge. A wireless remote Technician Notification System, which alerts the tech when the job is done, is optional. The NTF 715 is manufactured for Bosch by RTI Technologies Inc. For more information, visit

Pure-N from the D Marsh Co. Inc. is a new line of nitrogen machines designed with “ergo-curves” that make them easy to use, move between service bays, and to change cylinders. Ergo-curves are ergonomic angles formed into the machines’ heavy-duty frames. The ergo-curves distribute the weight of the cart forward to help stabilize it and make it easier to change cylinders. When the machines are moved between bays, the ergo-curves align the weight of the cylinder over the wheels for increased balance and stability. And when the machine is being used in the stationary position to service tires, the ergo-curves align the control panel with the technician’s line-of-site for increased visibility. For more information, see    ■

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