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General Grabber Family Grows with All-Purpose-Terrain Tire

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General Grabber Family Grows with All-Purpose-Terrain Tire

The new General Grabber APT from Continental Tire the Americas LLC is an all-purpose-terrain tire designed for on-road, off-road and snow performance.

The Grabber APT is available in 26 replacement articles in mostly metric sizes of 16 inches to 22 inches. Two additional tires are OE fitments for the Nissan Titan. The General Grabber APT has A 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty and Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification. 

The new Grabber APT features three exclusive General technologies. Comfort Balance Technology provides a cushioned tread that absorbs road disturbances for a more comfortable and pleasant ride. StabiliTread Technology promotes even wear and longer tread life via even pressure distribution and a robust tread compound. DuraGen Technology offers high strength construction for durability in off-road situations and delivers cut and chip performance on rough surfaces.

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