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TBC Brands Has New ST Tire: Trailer King RST

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TBC Brands Has New ST Tire: Trailer King RST

The new Trailer King RST is available in a wide variety of sizes and has an M speed rating.

TBC Brands LLC says its latest generation special trailer (ST) tire is produced with segmented molds for exceptional uniformity and a modern appearance. Optimized tread depth reduces rolling resistance and heat buildup to maximize the life of the tire. Most sizes feature a nylon overlay construction to maintain strength and durability for extended even wear on higher load applications.

The Trailer King RST is available in the following size and load range combinations:

  • ST175/80R13 C and ST175/80R13 D
  • ST185/80R13 C and ST185/80R13 D
  • ST205/75R14 C and ST205/75R14 D
  • ST215/75R14 C and ST215/75R14 D
  • ST205/75R15 C and ST205/75R15 D
  • ST225/75R15 D and ST225/75R15 E
  • ST235/80R16 E and ST235/80R16 F
  • ST235/85R16 E and ST235/85R16 F

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