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Alliance Agriflex+ 377 Resists Stubble Damage

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Alliance Agriflex+ 377 Resists Stubble Damage

The Alliance Agriflex+ 377 is designed to improve performance and reduce soil compaction with very-high flexion (VF) sidewall technology.

The tire is made for use on floaters, spreaders and grain carts, and offers toughness with steel radial belts, a reinforced carcass and stubble-guard compound. But the tire also offers the gentle touch of flotation and rounded shoulders to minimize ruts and eject mud.

Its deep, curved lugs provide traction on both flat and hilly terrain, and the overlap of the lugs in the center delivers a smooth ride and reduced wear on pavement.

The tire is available in three sizes: VF 750/50R26, VF 1050/50R32 and VF 1000/50R25.

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