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New Ranger Spray Wash Cabinets Are Stainless Steel

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New Ranger Spray Wash Cabinets Are Stainless Steel

Two new Ranger RS-500DS and RS-750DS stainless steel spray wash cabinets are designed to resist rust while washing away the grime from a full range of vehicle parts, from nuts and bolts to larger truck and SUV engine components.

Bendpak Inc. says the cabinets’ unique stainless steel construction makes them resistant to deterioration and the harmful effects of rust.

With wide cabinet space and a removable parts tree for smaller car parts, the parts washers provide a deep clean on even the greasiest and smallest automotive parts, according to the company. A low RPM turntable provides 360-degree cleaning.

The RS-500DS can degrease a variety of vehicle components in many shapes and sizes while the RS-750DS can degrease heavy-duty truck components. T

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