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Mitas Expands Harvester Tire Line With 5 New Sizes

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Mitas Expands Harvester Tire Line With 5 New Sizes

Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, is extending its range of Cyclic Harvesting Operation (CHO) tires with two new sizes this month, and three additional sizes coming in the first quarter of 2017.

Mitas CHO tires are designed for combine harvesters, grain carts, and similar implements. Their unique construction uses hexacore technology, steel breakers, and flexible sidewalls and allows for larger loads at a lower tire pressure to protect the soil.

Pavel Kott, product manager for Mitas agricultural tires, says: “Cyclic loads when filling and emptying corn tanks, for instance, can vary significantly, by more than twice in some cases. At high inflation pressures, this leads uncompromisingly to soil compaction. The solution is a Mitas CHO tire as it is capable of carrying more load at a lower tire pressure.

“Mitas CHO tires are a popular original fitment preferred by major combine harvester manufacturers. The range extension of CHO tires is a direct response to their needs and tire size specifications and we now offer nine sizes of CHO tires on worldwide markets. An additional three sizes will be released in first quarter of 2017.”

Mitas says CHO tires are capable of higher maximum loads than standard tires and at the same time, the tire permits higher yields through gentler ground handling in the field and offers more comfort on the road. The larger footprint of Mitas CHO tires helps to distribute loads equally, which has a positive influence on lower soil compaction. Mitas CHO fulfills all legal requirements on vehicle widths and are mountable on standard rims.

The CHO tires are available in nine sizes:

900/60R42 CHO 183D/186A8 SFT (new)

900/60R38 CHO 181D/184A8 SFT (new)

900/60R38 CHO 178D/181A8 SFT

900/60R32 CHO 176A8/173B SFT

900/70R32 CHO 182A8/179B SFT

800/70R32 CHO 175A8/175B SFT

800/70R38 CHO 178D/181A8 SFT

680/80R42 CHO 180D/183A8 SFT

680/85R32 CHO 178A8/175B AC 70 G

In 2017 Mitas will add three more size options:

680/80R38 CHO 179D/182A8 SFT

800/70R42 CHO 182D/185A8 SFT

800/70R38 CHO 181D/184A8 SFT

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