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Clore Has New 12-Volt Ultracapacitor Jump Starter

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Clore Has New 12-Volt Ultracapacitor Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Inc. has added a 12-volt ultracapacitor jump starter to its Jump-N-Carry brand. The new JNC8800 is rated to -30˚F, and has a reserve power lithium backup battery.

The company says the JNC8800 is able to deliver endless jump starts on a single charge, has extra-long cable reach and comes with the company’s PowerJaw clamps for maximum power transfer.

The JNC8800 delivers 800 start assist amps, whether the outside temperature is 70˚F or -30˚F, overcoming one of the biggest problems of battery-based jump starters – deteriorating cold temperature performance as the temperature drops, according to Clore.

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