DOT: The Hidden Story Behind the Numbers

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by Bryan Boatner


While most of us are aware of what a DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) is, few shop owners know the true business potential of the information behind these characters. Just like a barcode, DOT numbers can unlock a wealth of information about your tires and having this data on hand is a huge advantage.

But unlike barcodes, reading and recording DOT numbers takes a long time because your staff has to slowly record a dozen or more modeled, low contrast, difficult-to-read numbers. That's why Anyline has developed a TIN scanner, a game-changing technology that gives staff the ability to read and digitize DOT numbers with any mobile device in the blink of an eye.

Here are three ways DOT number scanning will holistically improve your shop services.


Save Staff Time and Improve your Inventory Records

During a regular car service, staff currently have to write down each number by hand, and the process of recording DOT numbers on each vehicle uses up valuable shop time that technicians could be using more efficiently. Each tire takes around 30 seconds to a minute to record and leaves customers waiting for longer.

What's more, manual data entry leads to data entry mistakes. The result is poor data which can lead to all manner of headaches if it's not clear where tires came from, which have been sold or are low in stock.

Scanning DOT numbers using a smartphone is far faster and more accurate than writing them down and entering the numbers manually into the computer system. If you want the proof, watch the video to see how much faster it is than manual data entry. 


To learn more, register for the MTD Anyline webinar on December 10th by clicking here.


Instantly Identify Expired and Recalled Tires

Flat tires and blowouts are never planned. They happen when we least expect it, but it shouldn't be a surprise when you consider that only 30% of tire recalls are actually completed. Most drivers with expired or recalled tires have no idea they are in need of an urgent change until it's too late, giving them no option but to pay whatever emergency roadside assistance fees are needed to get home. 

By incorporating DOT number scanning to your service offering, your staff can instantly catch ageing or recalled tires in your shop. This creates a new upselling opportunity for your team while enhancing the service they can provide, saving your customers an unwelcome and costly surprise down the road.



Keep Customers Safe

Tragically, there are roughly 11,000 accidents per year. Many of them are fatal and are directly caused by worn out, defective and recalled tires that should not be on the road. Shop owners and retailers have a legal requirement to ensure the tires they sell are safe and compliant, so having a clear understanding of the age and provenance of each tire is vital. 

Thankfully, technological advances like DOT number scanning makes this process far easier, ensuring there is no longer any doubt about the tires entering or leaving your shop. In this way, you can be sure that both your customers and business are safer.



As we've seen, having instant access to your full tire information means store managers, inventory managers and salespeople can give the best service to customers. In some cases, it can even help stop accidents before they happen.

If you think this solution is right for your company, I would be delighted to talk about it with you about options for integration. Let's make our processes smarter—and our roads safer—one scan at a time.

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