Bead Bazooka 3L2 Has More Inflation Power

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Gaither Tool Bead Bazooka

The Bead Bazooka 3L2 features a new repairable and replaceable valve.

The Bead Bazooka 3L2 features a newly designed Rapid Air Release (RAR) valve, which delivers more inflating power than any previous valve on the tire bead seater.

Gaither Tool Co. Inc. says the Bead Bazooka 3L2 is capable of handling a range of tires, from motorcycles to commercial trucks.

The new 2-inch RAR valve is also serviceable and replaceable. And because of the valve’s efficiency and inflating power, the company was able to shrink the air tank to hold 3 liters, giving the tool a compact design. The tank is also lined with an anti-corrosion coating.

The Bead Bazooka 3L2 weighs only 10.5 pounds.

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