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New Bosch Recalibration System Services ADAS-Equipped Cars

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The new DAS 3000 recalibration system from Bosch enables techs to service a wide variety of ADAS-equipped vehicles.

Bosch has unveiled a new recalibration system, the DAS 3000, which is designed for repairing current and future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The DAS 3000 gives technicians the ability to calibrate ADAS technology "from the most popular OEMs, like General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen," according to Bosch officials.

The system includes 13 camera targets that align each camera; a radar board for sensor recalibration; distance and wheel hub alignment markers; and Bosch's ADAS Positioning System, which "utilizes technology and industrial-grade vision cameras to measure the distance and angles of the fixture, in relation to the vehicle, providing the most precise measurements ensuring the exact target positioning required for the most accurate calibration;" and more.

In addition, the DAS 3000 comes with the Bosch ADS 625 scan tool, plus the Bosch SCT 815 radar reflector.

"The ADS 625 scan tool with ADAS Recalibration Software Package includes guided instruction, allowing technicians to easily walk through the entire recalibration process including simplified procedures, fixture placement, target selections and sensor recalibration. LIDAR recalibration systems will also be integrated into the DAS 3000 system in the future."

"With this recalibration system, Bosch is simplifying complex ADAS repair jobs, allowing technicians to repair vehicles with confidence, speed, efficiency and precision," say company officials.

"Bosch also adds its in-depth knowledge of sensor development, assuring technicians that this system is designed with the future of autonomous vehicles in mind and allowing shops to take on the challenge of future technologies."


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