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Bartec Releases Rite-Sensor TPMS Tool Software Update

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Bartec USA has introduced its latest tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) tool software update.

“Software update 62.3 is our fourth update for the year for our range of TPMS tools and once again adds significant coverage for the Rite-Sensor, adds model year 2021 coverage and increases our already industry leading OBDII capabilities," says Bartec CEO Scot Holloway.

"Tool software development requires collating huge amounts of data from industry partners, developing the necessary code based on that data, then
thoroughly testing and vetting the solution before releasing to customers," according to Bartec officials.

"Bartec is an OE-based provider and understands the critical part that testing plays in developing and releasing software."

Release 62.3 includes additional OBDII coverage for Ford, GM and Mercedes vehicles, as well as additional model year 2021 coverage.  

"Releasing at the same time as tool update 62.3 is Bartec’s newest version of the TPMS Desktop. The TPMS Desktop is Bartec’s free tool management utility that helps with tool updating, vehicle look-up and coverage, as well as inspection report retrieval and printing.

"If you are an existing TPMS Desktop user, it will update automatically. If you don’t yet have TPMS Desktop, visit Bartec USA’s website at and click on the link to download."

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