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RubberHub Unveils Scheduling System for Mobile Tire Installers

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RubberHub's new system gives mobile tire installation operations real-time visibility into the status of installations and service calls.

RubberHub has introduced a new scheduling system designed specifically for mobile tire operations that allows visibility into the real-time status of installations and service calls via smartphones, tablets and other devices, among other benefits.

Through the system, service calls can be assigned directly to mobile tire service technicians' phones.

Technicians will receive instant notification and a direct link to their next calls.

"Managers no longer need to track down (technicians) in the back shop," according to RubberHub officials. "All the information the tech needs for the job is instantly available to them on their mobile device, complete with Google maps directions and an easy 'status' button they tap to communicate their job stage: accepted, en route, in progress, on-hold or complete.

"From the jobsite, techs simply fill in the blanks on their mobile device to input service details, parts, labor and vehicle info."

Using the system, technicians also can input information regarding additional jobs, more vehicles and new details pertaining to installation or service calls, if needed. That information will be instantly visible to managers and dispatchers. They also can easily add photos of in-process or finished jobs.

Dispatchers also will have the information they need "to prioritize calls accordingly," says RubberHub officials. "Each call is tagged with a priority marker (emergency, ASAP, next available, select date, etc.) - helping the dispatcher address urgent customers first.

Information "is instantly available to management on any device before the tech has left the farm, yard or roadside. It's as easy as sending a text message. If needed, invoices can be prepared and emailed to the customer while the tech waits for payment."

Past calls can be archived and reopened, if needed, giving technicians, managers and dispatchers access to original call information, including notes, locations, photos, customer name, invoice number, tire size and more.

Users can see how many installations were performed in the past year, average distance traveled per call, busiest techs, most common tires installed and other data that can be used to "reward or motivate techs, forecast and budget for fuel and even plan inventory requirements. In today's world, data is everything,"

All past information is stored in secure, personalized RubberHub cloud servers.

"With RubberHub, mobile tire service providers will soon be able to share service call tickets with one another. Connecting together across the RubberHub network will be a huge benefit for dealer-to-dealer service calls, as well as for dealers with multiple locations.

"The same data and information can be shared and stored by each shop, eliminating multiple phone calls, emails and timetable communications."

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