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Hunter Designs Tabletop Tire Changers for Larger Tires

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Hunter TCX59 tire changer

Hunter has released a pair of tabletop tire changers, including the pictured TCX59, to help inflate and handle larger tires like those on SUVs more easily.

Hunter Engineering Co. has created two new tabletop tire changers designed to service truck and SUV tires.

The TCX58 and TCX59 models are the first with a new Hunter inflation system called FastBlast. Designed with truck and SUV tires in mind, the new top-side blast inflation system is optimized to seat even the most difficult tires. Hunter says FastBlast makes inflation safer and easier on the technician. (It can handle medium truck tires on up to 19.5-inch assemblies.)

“You can say goodbye to lifting heavy tires and rims over nozzles,” says Jim Hudson, Hunter's tire changer product manager. “No more risky handheld tanks or 5-plus minute, two-technician inflation projects. The large 6.5-gallon air tank and specially-designed blaster get the job done with almost no effort.” 

Traditional jaw blast inflation is also standard, fast and easy for traditional tires. The TCX58 and TCX59 feature a bead-breaking shovel system and Hunter’s unique automatic swing arm. The tire changers are built on a 220V two-speed chassis for ample power and speed.

A simplified, single-bead press arm and a unique lower locking disk come standard on the two tire changers. An optional wheel lift adds more safety and labor savings to the package.

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