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BKT Displays Telehandler Tire in a New Size at EIMA Tradeshow

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BKT Displays Telehandler Tire in a New Size at EIMA Tradeshow

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) and its Italian distributor Univergomma are displaying the Multimax MP 527 telehandler tire in a new size and showcasing additional products at the 2016 International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition (EIMA) Nov. 9-13 in Bologna, Italy.

The new size for the Multimax MP 527 is 440/80 R 24. BKT says the very versatile radial tire provides excellent traction and stability, even in lift mode. Tthe Multimax MP 527 been designed to be fitted on telehandlers used for agro-industrial applications. The aggressive tread design ensures excellent traction under any service condition. Stability in lift mode is increased thanks to the very strong sidewall. In addition to the solid and sturdy casing, the extraordinarily performing compound contributes to making Multimax MP 527 an extremely reliable tire that is resistant to cuts and tears, according to BKT.

BKT is also displaying tires from its Agrimax, Ridemax and Con Star lineups intended for agricultural and agro-industrial use. Descriptions of each tire line follow.

Agrimax Force

BKT is displaying its Agrimax Force tire in size IF 800/70 R 42 size. Designed for high-power tractors (above 250 HP), the Agrimax Force tire features a higher load capacity at lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size, to the full benefit of the soil since compaction is significantly reduced. Moreover, when moving from road to field usage and vice versa, Agrimax Force can travel at speeds of up to 65 km/h without having to change the inflation pressure, according to BKT.

Agrimax Sirio

For high-performance tractors, BKT is displaying the Agrimax Sirio, spcifically designed for towing heavy loads. In spite of the high speeds that can be reached, this cutting-edge tire with class E speed index proves to be very environmentally friendly, thanks to the reduced rolling resistance that helps to save fuel and pollute less, according to BKT. This tire will be on display at EIMA in the 710/70 R 38 size.

Agrimax Spargo

The Agrimax Spargo, on display at EIMA in size VF 380/90 R 46, is designed for sprayers for row crops. precisely meets these requirements. The company says it offers greater load capacity compared to a standard tire with the same size and inflation pressure, thanks to the VF (very high flexion) technology.

Agrimax RT 600

Gentleness is everything, even when it comes to working on grassland, lawns as well as loose and soft soil. For a soft and delicate passage on grassland, lawns and loose and soft soi., BKT is displaying the Agrimax RT 60 in size 800/65 R 32. The company says it is an ideal tire for its outstanding flotation features, high load capacity, extraordinary stability and excellent traction.

Ridemax FL 693 M

On display at EIMA in size 560/60 R 22.5, Ridemax FL 693 M is designed for agricultural trailers and 75% on-the-road use. Actually, it has excellent self-cleaning properties, offers great driving comfort along with low fuel consumption, reduced rolling resistance and a class D/E speed index. It is the ideal tire for combined on-and-off-the-road usage, according to BKT..

Multimax MP 522

For agro-industrial applications, BKT is displaying the Multimax MP 522 (size 460/70 R 24) and Con Star (size 400/70 – 20). Multimax MP 522 is a radial tire featuring a reinforced bead and a steel-belted casing, which provides superior grip, excellent puncture resistance, extraordinary load capacity, and great stability - crucial properties when carrying out excavating and loading operations.Designed for agro-industrial handling equipment, Con Star offers excellent vertical and lateral stability, according to BKT. The large lugs increase the contact area and allow the tire to carry heavier loads. Its special compound reduces the risk of cuts and damages, for a longer service life.

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