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Michelin X Works D Tire Is for Mixed-Use Jobs

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Michelin X Works D

The new Michelin X Works D tire is available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes in load range LRH.

The next generation on- and off-road drive tire from Michelin North America Inc. is designed to provide top notch traction, toughness and wear performance in mixed-use conditions.

The Michelin X Works D tire is designed for the construction, energy, concrete, and logging sectors operating in mixed use conditions, and Michelin says the tire is made to maximize safety, uptime and efficiency.

“Vehicles working in off-road conditions encounter rock, gravel, mud, debris and other demanding conditions but still have to meet critical deadlines. Safety is key and downtime is costly,” said Justin Brock, marketing manager of construction for Michelin's beyond road business line. “We started the design process of this tire with the customer. We not only gathered insights, but also put the tires to the test on fleets using it in some of the most demanding environments. Therefore, we are confident the X Works D tire is designed to meet these challenges and we stand behind it with our six-month road hazard guarantee."

The Michelin X Works D focuses on three benefits:

  • Traction

    • Full-tread-depth lateral groove tread patterns provide optimum balance between stability for increased wear and improved rubber-to-void ratio for maximum traction.

    • Teardrop sipes in the tire open as they wear, and provide additional traction. Third-party tests showed the tire provided superior off-road traction when compared to competing products.

  • Wear Performance

    • Internal testing and fleet survey results showed the Michelin X Works D provided 15% longer tire life compared to the X Works XDY.

  • Toughness

    • Four steel belts at the crown of the tire protect from shock, impact and road hazards for enhanced durability and puncture resistance.

    • Stone ejectors and teardrop sipes incorporated around the center block fight stone retention and drilling. Third-party testing showed the X Works D retains 25% fewer stones than the previous generation tire, the X Works XDY.

    • The tire has a durable retreadable casing for optimal total cost of ownership.

The Michelin X Works D tire is available in the U.S. and Canada in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes in load range LRH. It is backed by Michelin’s Worry Free 6-month Road Hazard Guarantee.

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