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Bosch’s New Evolve Tool Diagnoses More Than 25,000 Vehicle Systems

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Bosch’s New Evolve Tool Diagnoses More Than 25,000 Vehicle Systems

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions introduced the OTC Evolve diagnostic tool at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Evolve is peer-to-peer wireless and has a J2534 vehicle communication interface, according to Chris Ellington, field technical support for OTC.

The company partnered with information sources such as Identifix, Google, and AllData for repair information. Original equipment wiring schematics for all vehicles are also available, according to Ellington.

The OTC Evolve is able to diagnose more than 25,000 vehicle systems and 58,000 vehicle engine control unit (ECU) combinations using new Bravo 3.0 software and a fast Android operating system.

Capabilities also include performing more than 11,000 actuation tests and more than 1,400 adjustment tests. The tablet features a 10.4-inch optically bonded screen providing visibility in most conditions, including direct sunlight.

Dual WiFi architecture means a dedicated WiFi connection to the included J2534-compliant wireless VCI with simultaneous Internet connection to the shop, so technicians can move freely to check and test components while still being connected to the vehicle.

The diagnostic kit will include a tablet docking station and backpack for storage.

The Evolve tool’s scan functionality covers:

  • OEM domestic, Asian and European bidirectional controls;
  • OEM domestic, Asian and European OBD II enhanced;
  • OEM domestic, Asian and European OBD I (with optional cables);
  • All 10 modes of OBD II;
  • 30 years of vehicle coverage, 1986 to present;
  • Optional heavy duty generic coverage;
  • multiple language support; and
  • internet upgradeable for coverage and vehicle updates.

The OTC Evolve on-tool repair information and resources include:

  • full-system wiring diagrams for most vehicles, exclusive to Evolve;
  • scan and scope troubleshooting Repair information;
  • on-tool repair information from Repair-Trac and Code-Assist DTC VIN specific tech tips;
  • symptom-assist specific tech tips;
  • One-click Identifix Direct-Hit web-based Info, subscription required;
  • autoDetect to Auto ID CAN vehicles in less than 5 seconds;
  • embedded training videos; and
  • direct-linking to multiple web-based repair tools.

Diagnostics for Life is included with the purchase of a new OTC Evolve, and offers technicians support as long as they own it and maintain software updates. Details of Diagnostics for Life can be found at

For more information on OTC tools, visit

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