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Autel Launches New Products to Enhance TPMS Service

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The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a sleek, lightweight touchscreen Android tablet that performs every aspect of TPMS service, say Autel officials.

Autel has introduced new products to expedite and enhance the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) service process.

The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a sleek, lightweight touchscreen Android tablet that performs every aspect of TPMS service, including activation of all-known sensors, system diagnostics and one-sensor programming - providing 99 percent vehicle coverage. 

It also displays vehicle-specific position relearn instructions. 

“Autel’s TPMS tools’ interface has for years enabled technicians to perform these tasks easily and consistently,” according to Autel officials. 

And MaxiTPMS ITS600 - wish also is new - “improves upon these” efficiencies.

“The tablet’s Tire Identification Number (TIN) scan and DOT tire registration feature - available with a separate CIMs tire registration subscription - produces a real-time safety check for the customer’s current vehicle tires” and helps ensure that “your shop is in compliance with government regulations when selling new tires.”

A quick scan “and the subsequent display of the tire’s last four digits quickly identifies the age of the tire and advises the technician if he should recommend a tire placement to the customer.

“TIN registration is another matter and one whose responsibility has shifted over the years between seller and consumer.”

According to Autel, in 2015 the FAST (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) Act “made it mandatory that the tire seller register just-purchased tires on behalf of the customers. The goal, of course, is to alert customers of a tire recall and to get those tires off the road. 

“The MaxiTPMS ITS600 brings the capturing and registering of the TIN into the modern age, eliminating the hassle of mailing in postcards and reducing the possible transcribing errors. 

“The MaxiTPMS ITS600 makes compliance easy.” 

TPMS technicians simply “input the tire information and the customer’s contact information and tap submit.”

Autel also recommends pairing the MaxiTPMS ITS600 with TBE200 Tire Brake Examiners “for laser-enabled measurement of tread and depth and brake disc wear analysis,” plus the generation of detailed customer reports about tread depth and disc wear.  

“The TBE200 Tire Brake Examiner enlists a laser to scan the surface of the tire and generate a real-time image of the tread depth and overall tire wear.” 

Its high-resolution touchscreen full-color graphical display “illustrates wear and provides service recommendations, including tire and brake disc replacement, tire rotation and four-wheel alignment.

“Via the TBE200’s four-megapixel macro camera and eight-megapixel zoomable cameras, the technician can document tire wear and damage.” 

The device also scans the TIN.

Technicians then “fix the TBE200 Tire Brake Examiner - with the embedded magnet - to the disc to inspect the disc. The tool emits a scanning laser over the surface of the disc. Wear images and service recommendations display on-screen.”

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