Election update -- Marcum is a loser

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Fran Marcum, the woman running for Congress from the 4th District in Tennessee who slammed retreads in her televised election ads, has lost to her opponent, Sen. Lincoln Davis.

Marcum spent heavily on TV ads attacking Davis, according to the Nashville newspaper the Tennessean. Those ads included derogatory remarks about retreads, such as calling her opponent "...a career polititian who's wearing a little thin, just like this retread, which may look all right on the surface, but I wouldn't trust it."

Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), was alerted about the ads by a retreader and TRIB member in Tennessee, and Brodsky immediately asked Marcum's office to stop running the ads.

According to Brodsky, the campaign office apologized and said the ads would be pulled, but they continued to be run through the end of the campaign.

"The retread industry has no quarrel with Ms. Marcum's desire to make her case with voters in Tennessee, but she has no right to malign the retread industry, especiallly in view of the fact that her statement about retreads is so blatently wrong," Brodsky said in press release sent to TRIB members and the media.

Brodsky's press release got coverage on the PR Newswire and was picked up by Yahoo, CBS and other news sites, he noted.

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