"When The Phone Rings, The Door Swings!"

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Despite the ease of online ordering hundreds of tires are sold daily by countless retailers in brick-and-mortar locations. How? Most successful dealers will point to solid telephone skills they have developed over the years to suit their clients. These are NOT “tire selling” skills, but tried and true methods of inviting customers to their stores. An often-heard phrase over the years, “When the phone rings, the door swings!”

The complexities of matching the correct tire to a customer’s vehicle and their specific needs are more than quoting everyday low prices. Of course, in today’s economy price is a concern, but so should choosing the correct tire. At Atturo Tires, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect tires for your customers, and getting your customers in the door starts with a phone conversation—let’s take a look at some strategies below.

 Many customers are confused by the array of tire options. Your store can stand out by not “selling” the tire over the phone, but by selling the “visit.” The most effective way is by properly qualifying the customer. 

Let’s start with putting the customer at ease. Unless you are dealing with an enthusiast ready to buy plus-size wheels and super aggressive off-road “mud tires” which they’ve researched; buying car or truck tires can be intimidating. Start by asking simple, non-technical questions to reach the best prospect for the customer. Once the vehicle information is established the sales associate should use online or printed size guides to confirm tire size (s)...  Asking generic questions about vehicle use will continue to funnel down to the best option, “do you drive off-road much?” “Would you like to improve wet traction?” Don’t just ramble but ask questions that will help give the customer a reason to visit.

After you gather relevant information from the customer, be sure to take the time to see if there are options available to help improve their experience with their tires. Sometimes this opportunity to “upsell” can not only benefit you by getting them into a more profitable tire but can also help the customer get into a tire they may not have considered that better suits their needs and use case.

“Mr. Newman, you mentioned that you like the current all-season tires on your F150. While we can easily replace the same tire, would you like your new tires to increase performance in any particular areas? When you come into our store, I can show you a few options. 

We offer an exceptional tire, the Atturo Trail Blade ATS. Based on the information you have given me the 18” Atturo ATS would cost $XXX. Since you mentioned that you do some camping and outdoor activities the ATS offers strong all-terrain traction while being quiet on the highway for your daily commutes. The Atturo ATS was recently added to the proven Atturo light truck lineup and offers the latest technologies for better stopping and off-road security plus it offers a 50K tread wear warranty for peace of mind. I have your size in stock, when would you like to come in?”

We have sold several sets since it was introduced, and I have them on my F150. I am sure they will work well for you! Our store hours are XXXX M thru F, or for your convenience, I can set up an appointment?”

Let the customer respond, if they ask more questions answer using non-technical terms, but remember, your goal is to “sell the visit” first. If additional info is requested, define the ATS’ benefits like how the ATS’ center rib provides enhanced steering response. Reconfirm that the Atturo ATS offers a tread design to help evacuate water and reduce noise while maintaining strong traction to access their campsite year-round. Not only does the ATS work well on all terrains, but it looks good!

Just remember while today’s advanced consumer technologies can do a lot; buying tires face to face is still the best. Confirm the appointment, thank the customer and be ready for more successful calls.

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