Gust: Jim Pangle Brings Wealth of Experience to TIA

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Dick Gust, CEO of the Tire Industry Association, first met Jim Pangle at a tire recycling meeting, and says he quickly recognized Pangle, now the incoming president of the TIA board, as “our first tire recycling ambassador."

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Jim Pangle may be the new president of the Tire Industry Association (TIA), but his involvement with the organization dates back many years.

“I first met Jim when he came to Louisville, Ky., for an International Tire & Rubber Association (ITRA) board meeting and he wandered into the initial meeting of the Tire and Rubber Recycling Advisory Council,” says Dick Gust, CEO of the Tire Industry Association (TIA).

“Jim was quite noticeable because very few tire dealers or retreaders at that time were interested in scrap tire recycling. Jim was the only non-recycler in the room and the fact that he came from Canada made him even more conspicuous!

“When I asked Jim what he was doing, he said that he wanted to learn more about recycling so that he could take the information back to his company, Fountain Tire.

“That was Jim and at that moment, we had our first tire recycling ambassador. Who thought he would be Canadian?

“In the ensuing years, Jim invited me to Canada on various occasions to work with Fountain Tire to assist in moving their scrap tire recycling program forward,” says Gust.

“Jim has that special curiosity that recognizes opportunities that will surface in the future and is very interested in new ideas and concepts that will advance the industry. One example is his participation in the newly formed TIA Electric Vehicle Advisory Council. Jim is already researching how Canadian tire dealers manage servicing these vehicles and he is bringing that information forward to the council.

“Jim knows that being able to safely service EVs is going to be very important for dealers.”

According to Gust, Pangle “has a very dry sense of humor and a quick wit that will keep you on your toes. He is also very direct. You will never wonder what Jim’s opinion is on any subject, which is very refreshing, and he manages to combine that with the ability to listen to opposing thoughts and ideas.

“We at TIA are very fortunate to have Jim serving as president next year, bringing his wealth of experience, Canadian perspective and solid character to our association.

“Few people know that Jim was also a pilot and flew his own plane at one time,” adds Gust. “He also managed to tangle the plane in some power lines, but that is a story we will save for another time!”

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