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Greenball Unveils 15-Inch All-Steel Special Trailer Tire

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Greenball Unveils 15-Inch All-Steel Special Trailer Tire

Greenball Corp. has introduced a 15-inch all-steel special trailer tire. The new ST225/75R15 Tow-Master All-Steel Construction (ASC) is an ultra-premium trailer tire built specifically for heavier trailers pulled by today’s higher performance tow-vehicles.

Greenball says it is the first 15-inch all-steel trailer tire to hit the market, and it requires a wheel with load capacity of 3,195 pounds or greater.

“These tires might be hauling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property, and there’s definitely peace of mind that comes along with the purchase of these tires,” says Randy Tsai, Greenball’s senior vice president.

“There are many consumers out there willing to pay a little more for a more capable and reliable tire. Despite the overall trend of ST pricing going down and an overabundance of availability in the economy line, there exists a segment of the trailer market that is demanding for a better ST tire than what is currently available,” he says.

“If dealers look at the prices of today’s 2500 and 3500 luxury pickups and some of the luxury and heavy duty trailers out there, they would recognize there is a demand for a premium trouble-free trailer tire that currently hasn’t been available until now, which is why the Tow-Master ASC is a great opportunity for dealers to make better margin.”

The 12-ply rated Tow-Master ASC is constructed with a 1-ply steel carcass and 3-ply steel belt overlay. The improved durability makes it suitable for a wide range of trailers. Additionally, the advanced tread compound and highway tread design offer stability and longevity at highway speeds.

The ST225/75R15 joins the ST235/85R16 that made its debut in June 2016, and both are now in stock and available through authorized Greenball tire dealers.

Additional sizes are in production and will be available later in 2016. For more information, call 1-800-946-9412 or visit

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